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Partners for Positive Change

Partners for Positive Change (PFPC), formerly known as OCOC of Illinois, is a nonpartisan, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 1987 by a coalition of Illinois-based faith leaders. Since our inception, our mission has been clear: to guide troubled juveniles and indigent adults toward a path of lawful conduct and productive citizenship, eradicate homelessness, and foster the academic and personal growth of youth.

PFPC is deeply committed to transforming lives and communities through holistic interventions and support systems.

Through collaborative efforts and evidence-based practices, we strive to empower individuals to overcome obstacles, break cycles of adversity, and realize their full potential. Together, we work tirelessly to create a brighter, more inclusive future for all.

PFPC unites with social justice advocates, law enforcement professionals, corrections facilities, and faith-based organizations in a shared commitment to nurturing healthy families, fostering resilient communities, and enhancing public safety. Our approach centers on advocating for fair and impactful policies, implementing innovative practices, and spearheading programs that address the needs of youth and indigent individuals who face homelessness or are entangled in the juvenile and criminal justice systems.

With over 582,000 Americans grappling with homelessness, including over 70,000 in Chicago alone, PFPC recognizes the urgency of these challenges. Our efforts extend beyond mere statistics, as we acknowledge the hidden faces of homelessness, including those who find temporary refuge by “doubling up” with others. PFPC confronts these complex issues head-on through the creation and facilitation of worker-centric, relationship-driven, and accessible education, training, and workforce development initiatives.

As strategic partners to builders, developers, legal and social justice entities, and educational institutions, PFPC leverages collaborative efforts to forge pathways to opportunity and ignite positive societal transformation. By fostering alliances with government agencies and employers, we empower workers to access quality employment opportunities and catalyze meaningful social progress. Moreover, we champion community preservation and cultivate a culture of empowerment that celebrates individual experiences, embraces diversity, and champions inclusivity at every turn. Through these concerted endeavors, PFPC endeavors to build a more equitable and thriving society for all.


Hamilton House Supports

Introducing Hamilton House Supports (HHS), our flagship program in honor of the esteemed former Chicago Police Detective Gerald Hamilton. HHS stands as an innovative jobs initiative dedicated to empowering unskilled and homeless individuals to attain a sustainable livelihood through comprehensive workforce development.

Detective Hamilton’s legacy of exemplary foster care and mentorship, coupled with his decades-long commitment to public safety in Chicago, serves as the inspiration behind this program. With over 30 years of providing foster care and essential support services to more than 200 youth under PFPC’s umbrella, Detective Hamilton’s impact remains profound.

Through the workforce development program, PFPC carries forward Detective Hamilton’s legacy by providing opportunities through Hamilton House Supports. Our program engages indigent workers, empowering them to undertake development, real estate, and construction-related tasks efficiently and cost-effectively, thus fostering both personal and community advancement.


A Place Called Home

A Place Called Home is dedicated to offering vital support for homeless individuals. Through our partnership with construction, residential building, and leasing firms, PFPC implements innovative solutions to safeguard neighborhoods and residential properties from vandalism and crime. This collaborative effort enhances community safety and creates life-changing opportunities for homeless workers.

Our partnership model enables homeless workers to reside in well-maintained, often recently renovated homes and apartments. In addition to providing them with a safe and comfortable living environment, we ensure that these workers receive a fair living wage.

Furthermore, they are offered temporary housing until the properties are leased or sold, enabling them to stabilize their lives while contributing to the community.

By fostering partnerships between stakeholders and leveraging underutilized housing resources, we address homelessness, promote economic empowerment, and revitalize communities. We strive to create a more inclusive and supportive society for all individuals through our initiatives.


National Online Education and Mentor Services


Partners for Positive Change is dedicated to empowering underprivileged youth through comprehensive educational support. Our organization offers a wide range of services, including online tutoring, mentoring, and mental health support.¬† ¬†Specifically, our online tutoring services are tailored to assist students in challenging subjects such as literature, math, civics/government, and history/social studies. By providing personalized guidance, we aim to deepen students’ understanding and appreciation of key academic and social concepts, ultimately helping them achieve academic success.

For high school students, we place particular emphasis on subjects like sociology, debate/public speaking, and developing strong writing skills. Additionally, we emphasize the importance of utilizing social media platforms as valuable learning tools, preparing students for potential careers in social justice and law.

In addition to academic support, we strive to connect our students with accomplished Black American role models who serve as mentors. These mentors not only inspire our students but also encourage them to realize their full potential. Our comprehensive curriculum includes a variety of tutoring and mentoring courses, supplemented by literary resources designed to enrich students’ knowledge and equip them with practical strategies for mastering different subjects.

Furthermore, we prioritize the mental well-being of our students by ensuring access to essential mental health services.

Through our program, we connect youth with the resources necessary for managing mental health issues effectively.

Overall, our goal is to share inspiring stories and resources featuring successful individuals, motivating our students to become exemplary citizens and dedicated scholars. By fostering meaningful improvements in their lives, we believe we can make a positive impact on their academic and personal development.